Marriage is a rollercoaster, no question about it. Sometimes the highs and lows are extreme, sometimes just little peaks and valleys. Talk to anyone who’s been married for a while and they’ll tell you. When the valleys are low and last a long time, one or more partner may begin to ask themselves, “Do I want to stay in this marriage when I am so unhappy?”

Usually, especially when children are in the picture, people want to at least try to prevent a divorce. Everyone knows how expensive a divorce can be, to say nothing of the emotional cost to the children. Especially in difficult economic times, couples are more inclined to try to save their marriage.

So, how do you do save your marriage?

You do it by finding a therapist who has specific training as a Marital Therapist (Marriage Counselor) and is willing to support you in your desire to do everything to see what is possible. You and your marriage (and your children and family, if applicable) deserve the very best help in working on your marriage. It will be a process and it will take time.

You may be in a situation where you are the only one who is willing to seek marital therapy. There is a popular belief that both parties must be willing to get help. I disagree with this notion, at least initially. When you present to your spouse that you have come to realize that you cannot make it on your own, be prepared for an argument or a flat “NO.”

Be willing to do all of the leg work to find a therapist and set up an appointment. If your spouse refuses, let him/her know that you’ll be starting the process alone, for now, and that you hope that he/she will join you in the near future. Unfortunately, sometimes willingness to “get help” comes when separation or divorce is presented as the only viable alternative.

Call Roseanna Zoubek at 973 731-1551 to schedule an appointment ASAP. Research says that couples wait an average of six years in marital distress before seeking help. It’s a lot easier to put out a one-alarm fire than a three-alarm fire. Call NOW.


To get divorced because love has died, is like selling your car because it's run out of gas.

Diane Sollee


Don’t be discouraged if you’ve tried working with a Marriage Counselor and it wasn’t helpful. We worked with three before my doctor recommended Roseanna Zoubek. We had both been married before and we were sure that we’d get it right this time. Well, we were very wrong. It took a therapist with Roseanna’s skill and obvious talent to help us turn our marriage around. We were very comfortable and appreciated her professionalism as well as how practical she was with her recommended actions. Calling her was the best phone call we ever made.

Chatham, NJ