Premarital counseling is the right approach for you if you are:
  • fighting more than you think is appropriate
  • growing apart (one or both of you are withdrawing)
  • worried that you won’t “make it”
  • questioning if you should stay together
In addition, there may be significant differences between you that seem overwhelming. You may come from different cultures, have very different family styles or you may not like your spouse’s family at all.

It may be that you need help to learn how to discuss your differences or it may mean that you really should evaluate the direction the relationship is taking. Premarital counseling can be extremely helpful in teaching you how to avoid or correct bad habits that can undermine the success of your relationship.

Call Roseanna Zoubek at 201.618.7709 to discuss your concerns and to determine if premarital counseling is what you and your partner need at this time.


For many years I have been referring engaged and married couples to Roseanna Zoubek...She is extremely competent in assessing the state of a relationship and assisting couples in dealing with potential or real relationship issues. Couples always thank me for sending them to her.

Rev. Peter Funesti
Church of the Nativity, Midland Park, N.J.